Size Matters!

We are often asked what size marquee our clients need to hire for their event. This is of course very easy to calculate, but first we need to know a few key bits of information. The size you require will very much depend on what your plans are for the day. For example, when we put up a marquee for a Corporate Events International event, we have always allowed enough room for the stage which is generally three meters just in width and our bars from The Festival Bar Company which generally takes up a width of about two meters.

Then it’s really all down to seating. We utilise as much space as we can by setting up the table and chairs of your choice so that your guests can be seated for food if that is something you would like, some of our clients are happy with straw bales although this is not always the most cost effective solution.

 Then as the day turns into the evening, we take the tables down opening up a dance floor. It’s always a good idea to keep some seating in the marquee so that older guests can still enjoy the party and of course your dancing diva’s can rest up before they hit the floor again!

Here at The Festival Marquee Company we will give you expert advise on how to secure the right size marquee and we will of course assist you with planning it all out. Before you decide to book with us, we will create you a mock-up of what your marquee will look like so that you can book with confidence knowing that size matters to us!

For festival events, many of our clients decide on a mixture of seating and the catering options can be as relaxed as street food from The Street Food Catering Company. This generally means that your marquee requirement is less than we would recommend for an event that is having a formal three-course meal. However, do proceed with caution, as much our we love our beautiful countryside, we all know that our Great British summertime’s can be known to have the odd shower! Therefore, even if you are planning a more informal event, do let us know so that we can make sure there is enough room to keep everyone dry!


Size Matters!
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